Bob Dylan May Deliver His Nobel Lecture During 2017 Concert In Stockholm

Bob Dylan may not be planning to attend next month’s ceremony to pick up his Nobel Prize in Literature, but members of the Swedish Academy (which awards the prestigious honours) are hopeful the acclaimed singer-songwriter will deliver his acceptance lecture next year during a scheduled concert in Stockholm, Sweden.

In an interview with the Swedish public radio Friday, reports Entertainment Weekly, the Academy’s secretary Sara Danius pointed out that the rules for delivering a lecture upon winning the award are “flexible.”

It’s customary for award recipients to deliver a lecture upon acceptance of the prize, but Danius notes that this doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of a speech.

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“A written speech, a spontaneous discourse, a film,” and other forms of artistic expression are all acceptable, she explained, adding that Dylan could deliver a lecture during his concert, or even accept the award through song.

Following confirmation that Dylan won’t be attending the Dec. 10 ceremony, the Academy issued a statement saying it had “decided not to organize an alternative plan” for Dylan’s lecture.



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