Watch Billy Eichner Convince People That Seth Rogen Is Dead

With so many artists passing away far too soon in 2016, Billy Eichner took to the streets of New York City to mourn the impending death of Seth Rogen as part of another hilarious episode of “Billy On The Street.”

And it all happened as Rogen himself went behind the camera to record the entire grieving process, taking in some emotional moments as people looked back on his Hollywood legacy long before he passed away.

“We’ve lost so many great artists this year who don’t live long enough to see all the many profound ways that people pay tribute to them after they’re gone,” Eichner told viewers. “Seth can experience what their reaction is while he is still around.”

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Eichner broke the fake news to passersby who either expressed love or were stumped by the “Neighbors 2” actor’s existence. “Sorry to hear that,” one man told Eichner. “I haven’t the slightest idea who that guy is.”

“Wait are you serious? What a way to find out,” a woman said in disbelief. “I feel like he contributed so much comedy to the world.”

“Holy f***! I knew this was a prank because you’re Billy on the Street,” she later yelled after revealing the camera man’s identity.

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