Priyanka Chopra Says She’s ‘Very Excited’ To Play A Villain In The ‘Baywatch’ Reboot

Priyanka Chopra is opening up about her new role in the “Baywatch” reboot.

While stopping in Toronto this past weekend to promote her new Punjabi film “Sarvann” at the International Film Festival of South Asia, the “Quantico” star spoke with ET Canada about tapping into her evil side in the upcoming “Baywatch” reboot. “I’m very excited that my debut American movie is not conventional — that I play a villain, and that’s kind of fun,” she said.

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Speaking of her two muscly co-stars, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron, Chopra gushed, “I adore them — the whole cast really.” Despite her good vibes with the cast, the actress addressed The Rock’s alleged social media feud with his “Fast 8” co-star, Vin Diesel, this past summer.

“I don’t believe because you’re a celebrity you have to be diplomatically correct,” she explained. “Feelings are feelings, emotions are emotions, and experiences are experiences. And if I have a bad experience with someone — and I’m okay saying that — it’s fine.”

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For Chopra, the majority of her off-screen relationships have seemed to be positive, becoming good friends with “Suits” star, Meghan Markle, who is currently engaged in a royal romance with Prince Harry. “We randomly met about a year ago, and we’ve been really good friends since then,” Chopra recalled. “She’s been there for me and with me through a lot of troubled times, as I have with her – and I just wish her the best in life.”

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