WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Kevin Spacey In ‘House Of Cue Cards’

Following in the spoof-y footsteps of Game of Desks and The Real Housewives of Late Night, Jimmy Fallon presented his latest digital-short parody on last night’s Tonight Show.

In House of Cue Cards, Jimmy mocks Netflix hit House of Cards with a dead-on impression of Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood, who shares conspiratorial moments with viewers by speaking directly to the camera, eats ribs, and plots with his wife — played by Ellen Barkin in a wickedly funny impersonation of HoC star Robin Wright.

As Fallon-as-Spacey says about her in Frank’s slow, Southern drawl, “I love that woman more than people love their friends’ Netflix passwords.”;

Here are both parts of the two-part parody, which includes appearances by an Orange Is the New Black character, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and a very special guest at the end of part two:


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