We’re pretty sure this never happened on “Friends” — although it would have made a great episode!

Perhaps that crossed Jennifer Aniston’s mind when she appeared on U.K. chat show “The One Show” to promote her new comedy “Office Christmas Party,” not realizing that the live studio audience was full of disabled children when she made an off-colour joke about “sex toys.”

The former sitcom star was chatting with hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones alongside “Office Party” directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon, apparently unaware that the audience contained kids from The Rickshaw Challenge, a charity that raises awareness of disabled children in need.

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The cringe-inducing moment came when one of the hosts asked, “What’s Jennifer like to work with? Is she Rachel from ‘Friends’ or ‘Horrible Bosses’?'” referring to her boss-from-hell role in the latter film.

While the directors described Aniston as being “a bit of both”, they clarified by describing her as “sweet and incredible but in a positive way she’s also a boss, in a good way, in a positive way.”

To which Aniston added: “‘Just without the sex toys!”

The gaffe did not go unnoticed on Twitter, where the accidental hilarity was pointed out: