Anna Faris ‘Deeply Thankful’ Her Former Chihuahua Was Rescued, Explains Misunderstanding

Anna Faris is in hot water after a chihuahua she adopted was discovered wandering the streets of Los Angeles, appearing emaciated and apparently homeless. As a result, she is being hit with a $5,000 fine from the shelter from which she adopted the dog, reportedly named Pete.

However, it appears that Faris and husband Chris Pratt may not be the current owners of the dog, but due to a provision in the adoption agreement she’s liable to pay the fine if she were ever to find the dog a new home, which is apparently the case here.

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According to TMZ, Faris was contacted by Laurel Kinder, who owns the Kinder4Rescue animal shelter, who was alerted to the situation when a vet found the dog and ran a check on its microchip and revealed Faris to be the owner. She tells TMZ that Faris signed a contract at the time in which she agreed to pay the $5,000 fine if she ever turned the dog over to a new owner.


“We spoke to sources connected to Anna and Chris Pratt and they say the couple is out of state, but they’ve gotten wind that Pete was found, and intend to make arrangements for the dog to be brought home,” reports TMZ. “We were also told they had found a ‘nice family home’ for Pete,” adding that it this point it’s unclear whether Pete’s new home was temporary or a more permanent arrangement,.

In the meantime, Kinder is putting Faris on her shelter’s do-not-adopt list, and is reportedly considering suing the “Mom” star for breach of contract.

In a subsequent statement to People, Faris expresses her thankfulness that Pete was rescued and is now safe and sound, explaining that she was forced to find another home for the dog when her son proved to be allergic.

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“Five years ago I adopted an adorable Chihuahua named Pete, from the Kinder4Rescue Animal Rescue. Unfortunately when our son was born, we discovered that he was allergic to Pete, so I found what I thought was a
loving and responsible family to care for him,” she states.

“My agreement with the animal rescue required me to contact them first before allowing another family to take Pete in. I failed to do this, and for that I am deeply sorry. I now understand the dangers of giving animals away for free,” she adds.

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Pete has been found and is back
in the hands of Kinder4Rescue. I feared that he had been lost forever
and, although he is malnourished and in need of care, it seems he is
going to make a full recovery. For this, I am so deeply thankful.
We appreciate everyone who has sent good wishes, thoughts and prayers
for Pete. Thank you!”


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