Coldplay’s Chris Martin Offends Crowd At Global Citizen Festival India By Disrespecting Flag

Coldplay’s Chris Martin is being accused of disrespecting India’s flag during the band’s performance in Mumbai over the weekend.

Footage from the Global Citizen Festival India concert shows Martin placing the flag in his back pocket as he performed for a crowd of 80,000 attendees.

The unsavoury move prompted concertgoers to take to Twitter sharing footage of Martin’s disrespectful behaviour. “They may get in trouble for this,” one Twitter user wrote.

Making matters worse, several Indian politicians were in attendance and have since demanded apologies from the frontman.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Nawab Malik claimed Martin disrespected the Indian flag in a tweet sent during the performance. “#ChrisMartin & #BJP #ShivSena leaders should apologize to the Nation,” his tweet read. “#Coldplay singer #ChrisMartin insults Indian Flag in presence of #BJP & #ShivSena leaders. Hurts sentiments of 120 Cr Indians.”



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