SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know who Jasmine chooses in the finale of the inaugural season of “The Bachelorette Canada” then stop reading NOW, because all will be revealed…

















This is it, when Jasmine must finally choose between Mikhel and Kevin W. as the romantic journey we’ve watched play out over the past weeks finally concludes in the first-season finale of “The Bachelorette Canada”.

However, Jas admits that she still hasn’t come to a decision. “I’m so confused and so unsure of what I’m going to do,” says our tearful Bachelorette. “It’s hard to love two people at once… I’m scared to make the wrong decision.”

Last week’s tiff with Kevin continues to weigh on her mind after he left the Fantasy Suite in a snit. “It’s hard for him knowing there’s another man in my life,” she admits. “He walked out on me. And even though he came back and made it right, it brought up old fears. I can’t be with someone if I’m always afraid they’re going to leave.”

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Before the final rose ceremony, Jasmine has one final date with each of the men. First up is Kevin, with Jasmine taking him to a cave in Cuba, which reminds her of their first date together. Jas calls him on his propensity to run away whenever they find themselves in conflict, and he defends his behaviour, explaining he’s not running from her, just giving himself time to cool down and avoid saying something in the heat of anger. This is apparently just what she wanted to hear, and her apprehensions seem to melt away.

Next it’s Mikhel’s turn, and the two profess their love for each other, causing Mikhel to admit he’s “melting inside,” with Jasmine declaring: “I really am falling in love with you.”

“I finally have that reassurance that we have this connection that I felt for so long,” says Mikhel. “That’s the last piece of the puzzle that I needed before I propose to her.”

Mikhel and Kevin then spend some time choosing engagement rings — separately, of course — with Mikhel’s mood best described as “over-the-moon confidence and elation,” while Kevin is more uncertain than we’ve ever seen him before, at one point breaking down in tears during an on-camera confessional in fear that he may not be the one Jasmine chooses.

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Finally the moment of truth arrives, with Jas looking radiant and resplendent as she stands on a sun-soaked Cuban beach waiting for her suitors to arrive.

The first to arrive is Mikhel, and if you’ve ever seen “The Bachelorette” before then you know what that means, especially when Jas begins tearing up.

“I really feel like you are one of the best people that I’ve ever met in my entire life,” she says. “The way that I felt with you, especially in this past week, has been incredible and I feel so lucky…” more tears cause her to interrupt herself. “I feel so lucky to have met you,” she continues, the tears really flowing now. “I don’t know the last time anybody has made me feel as cared about and as supported as you have made me feel.”


“I have meant every single thing I’ve said to you, every single thing. But I feel like I’ve developed a stronger relationship with somebody else. And I feel sort of crazy for having to say goodbye to somebody as amazing as you. It feels wrong but I know that it’s right because you deserve the best and I know that you’re going to find that person and I know I’m always going to be a little bit sad about it. This has been the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do. It’s because of you that this is so hard.”

After a tearful hug, Mikhel exits the beach while Jasmine tries to compose herself, with Mikhel waiting until getting into the car before having a breakdown of his own. “I really thought we had something,” he laments.

And with that, Kevin is up. After a heartfelt hug, Kevin opens up about his feelings. “If I ever see you sad, or I ever see you upset, I just want to be able to grab you so I can take it for you.”

“I really felt from very early on that you and I had something that I hadn’t felt with anybody else,” Jasmine tells Kevin. “There’s been this crazy electricity between us from the start,” she adds, noting that she’s been able to break through his tough exterior while actually loving that tough exterior because it makes her feel safe. “You want to build a life with me, because I want that too,” she says. “I care about you so much, and I love you.”

One romantic hug and kiss later, and Kevin drops to one knee for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. “I really love you a lot,” he says, kneeling. “This is the happiest day right now… will you marry me?”

Jasmine’s answer: an enthusiastic “Yes!”

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But things aren’t over yet, with Jasmine and Kevin (and Mikhel) reuniting in the “After the Final Rose” special — the first time Kevin and Jasmine have been together since his proposal.

Following a tearful reunion with Mikhel — who admits his final days on the show were “difficult” — Kevin finally appears, with host Noah Cappe asking the couple how it feels to finally be able to go public with their engagement after keeping things hidden for the past few months.

“I can’t even describe how good it feels,” says Kevin. “It’s been a long, long summer,” he admits, adding: “I just want to take her out on a date… I just want to wake up next to her and go get a coffee.”