Kathy Griffin may have starred in the Emmy-winning reality show “My Life on the D-List”, but this self-proclaimed D-lister travels in some pretty A-list circles, and her hilarious encounters with celebrities have become the foundation of her standup comedy.

In recent years, Griffin has branched out by relating some of her more outrageous celebrity stories in print, and has a fresh batch to share in her latest book, “Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index”, and a new excerpt delivers a gut-busting, jaw-dropping encounter between Oscar-winner Tom Hanks and One Direction star Harry Styles that is simply too funny.

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In this excerpt, courtesy of Us Weekly, Griffin explains how she was at a party chatting with Hanks when tipsy teen idol Harry Styles busted in on their conversation, which she relays in her own words:.

Harry: Re-membah when you wuz savin’ Private Ryan and had to bring ‘im back to ‘is mum? Re-membah?

Tom Hanks politely replies with caution: Yes.

Harry: Re-membah when you wuz in Cappin Phillips? And the other guy sez, ‘Oim’ the capn’ now”? ‘Membah?

Tom, trying go figure this young man out: Yes, yes, I do remember.

Harry: Was that scaarrry?

Even I wasn’t expecting that question. I turned to Tom: Yeah, Tom, was that scary?

Tom, clearly trying to save Harry Styles from himself (in a way Kendall Jenner never could): Harry, have you met my friend, the comedian Kathy Griffin? (Tom really hit the word comedian hard.)

Harry was unfazed and returned his attention to the great Tom Hanks again …with the questions. It was like he was doing a memory brain teaser.

Harry: Re-membah when you wuz Forrest Gump? ‘Membah? ‘Membah?

Tom, still indulging: I was, yes.

Harry: You wuz always runnin’? Membah?

Yes, he was asking Tom Hanks if Tom remembers playing the role of Forrest Gump, for which he won the Academy Award. I can’t point out here enough how Harry Styles seemed to think it was his mission to make sure Tom Hanks did not forget the names of any of his films or the fact that he had starred in these films.

Harry: That was a good film.

Tom: I do remember.

Without explanation, Harry Styles turned and pivoted away. Tom Hanks had been pretty much frozen in the same spot during this magical and epic exchange. Tom’s answer was perfect and delivered very dryly:

Tom: Sometimes, I just want to drive them to rehab myself.

“Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index” is available at bookstores now.