Watch: First Look At Sean Penn’s War-Torn Romance Drama ‘The Last Face’ Starring Charlize Theron

After receiving mediocre reviews at the Cannes Film Festival last May, the first trailer for Sean Penn’s conflict zone romance-drama starring his ex-fiancee Charlize Theron has landed.

“The Last Face” focuses on the relationship between Dr. Wren played by Charlize Theron and Javier Bardem’s character Dr. Miguel Leon, two doctors working in war-torn Liberia who are struggling to keep their love alive amidst the chaos of their work and conflict that arises from their opposing views on life.

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At the time of filming, Theron and Penn were still a couple, but their star-studded romance would fizzle out almost a year before the movie’s big debut at Cannes, where awkward red carpet moments between the pair made headlines worldwide.

The film has yet to receive a North American release date.



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