Watch: OK Go Premieres Explosive ‘The One Moment’ Video

OK Go is back with an all-new video that once again pushes the boundaries of the music video format.

Since premiering “The One Moment” on Wednesday morning, the video has garnered 2.8 million views, and just one look at the masterpiece will show you why.

The video, which took 4.2 seconds to shoot, records a sequence of high-speed events that when slowed down have been precisely choreographed to the uplifting hit.

“We triggered 325 events with extremely precise digital triggers to create the choreography, which unfolds over a little more than four seconds,” explains lead singer Damian Kulash, Jr.. “We shot with extremely high-speed cameras, which allows us to stretch those few seconds over the full length of the song. Our fastest frame rate was a little over 6,000 frames per second, which effectively slows down time to be 20,000 per cent slower than we normally experience it.”

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He adds, “at those moments, we’re seeing things move through the air that, in real life, are moving faster than the speed of sound.”

OK Go teamed up with Morton Salt — a Chicago-based salt producer — for the #WalkHerWalk campaign to “support a group of people who are bravely making a positive difference in the world. They’ve pledged funding and assistance to incredibly inspiring and effective young innovators,” explains OK Go on their website. “Morton was moved by the message of ‘The One Moment’ and felt it captured the spirit of what they are trying to do… so they reached out to us and asked if we were interested in making art with their salt.”



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