Watch: Lilly Singh’s Hilarious Reply To Sexist Commentator

YouTuber Lilly Singh just fired back at a sexist commentator in the best possible way.

In a video posted to the Canadian comedian’s YouTube channel, Singh – better known by her online alias Superwoman – responded to a comment that urged her to get off YouTube and make a sandwich because she is a woman. In her response, Singh chose to do just that and made the troll a good ol’ sandwich – but not without a few tricks up her sleeves.

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“Step one, on a cutting board, chop up your onion,” Singh began by saying. “Now, if you start to painfully tear up, don’t worry. Now you know how your mother feels when she sees how you turned out.” She went on, “Now while cutting, you’ll notice that the onion has layers… just like your insecurity.”

Singh went on to cover a range of other presumed sexist male insecurities, proving just how hilarious she really is.



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