Following an emotional season finale of the first ever “The Bachelorette Canada”, which saw Jasmine Lorimer accept a proposal from Kevin Wendt, the couple have abruptly cancelled all media appearances related to their engagement.

The couple were set to make the press rounds in Toronto to share their love story on Wednesday, but ET Canada learned early Wednesday morning that all interviews with the couple, including an appearance in the ET Canada studio, had been called off.

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The development comes after Lorimer, 27, admitted on the “After The Final Rose” special that she still has feelings for the show’s runner up, Mikhel Sickand – and that her relationship with Wendt hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing.

“Kevin and I have had our conflicts and everything,” Lorimer told host Noah Cappe during the show. “You can see that in the season, and it’s continued here and there afterwards.”

When Wendt later joined his fiancee on the couch, the 32-year-old expressed excitement to begin a life with Lorimer. However, sources on the set tell ET Canada Lorimer took a break for roughly an hour following the “After The Final Rose” taping, delaying scheduled press interviews.

ET Canada has also learned that there is tension between Lorimer and Wendt’s families. A source says the interaction between Lorimer’s mother Linda and Kevin’s mother Jill as “icy” and “cold,” while another source claims the two had a “verbal fight.”

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Meanwhile, many “Bachelorette Canada” fans expressed their desire to see Sickand become Canada’s next “Bachelor”, but the 28-year-old might not be as keen.

“Being on TV for one season was more than enough for me,” he told ET Canada.

While Sickand may be moving on from reality TV, some of his fellow contestants would be more than happy to be Canada’s next “Bachelor”. Check out the video below for more.