As many leading models have begun shunning the term “plus-size” in recent months, Tess Holliday is embracing the label and questioning the movement brought on by big names such as Ashley Graham.

Sitting down for an interview with New York Magazine, the model tells the publication she embraces the term wholeheartedly and wonders why her peers are shunning the category that brought them glory. “I don’t understand why it’s not okay to be plus-size,” Holliday said. “I don’t know why people hate that phrase. Many models have built their careers as plus-size women and then suddenly don’t want to be called that anymore.”

She also went on to slam the group for “cashing checks from plus-size designers” while rejecting the label with the media.

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The 31-year-old, who welcomed her second son Bowie Juniper five months ago, also discussed the pressure to bounce back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

“I try my best to distance myself from the pressure, but it’s a lot,” Holliday admitted. “I recently attended a Refinery29 event and I was reminded that I’m still the biggest person in the room. I’m still trying to figure out my new body and how I feel.”

Holliday recently stood up to haters who Photoshopped the head and tail of an orca onto her body. “Whales are majestic as f***,” she would later write while resharing the critic’s tweet on Instagram and writing an inspiring message for her fans.