The Hoff Defends The Biebs: ‘He Should Have Punched That Guy Out’

Justin Bieber is making international headlines for punching a grabby fan in the face after the guy thrust his hands inside the “Purpose” singer’s car — and at least one celeb is standing up for him.

That star is none other than David Hasselhoff, who discussed the incident today with host Piers Morgan during an appearance on U.K. talk show “Good Morning Britain”.

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“I agree with you, Piers, he should have punched that guy out,” said The Hoff of The Biebs. “Fans are whacked out, man. Come on, what’s that guy want, an autograph he can sell? He’s going to get his face punched out. You need to treat us with respect, and you will get respect back.”

Hasselhoff knows of what he speaks. “I’ve had fans chase [me],” he told Morgan. “I’ve had fans jump in my car and pretty much terrify me.”

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