Bella’s Engagement Ring Fetches Whopping $17K In ‘Twilight’ Prop Auction

It’s been four years since the final chapter of “The Twilight Saga” hit movie screens, yet fan fervour over the unstoppably popular book series and subsequent film adaptations hasn’t abated — proven by a recent auction of props from the films that raked in nearly US$750,000 during the course of the two-day auction.

Hosted by TV and movie memorabilia company Prop Store, the auction was held at Hollywood’s famed Chinese Theater on Nov. 20 and 21, with thousands of fans placing bids for more than 900 different items from the films, ranging from costumes to props (such asCharlie Swan’s police badge and Edward Cullen’s chess set) to jewelry worn by the characters.

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A piece of jewelry, in fact, was one of the auction’s most sought-after items: the engagement ring that Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) gave to Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), which received more than a thousand bids before being sold for a whopping $16,800.


According to Brandon Alinger, COO of Prop Store, the “Twilight” auction was an unqualified success: “We’re thrilled with the interest and participation in this exclusive auction event,” Alinger said in a statement. “The films have a global following, which was very evident with the worldwide response from bidders over the weekend. For ‘Twilight’ fans, this auction offered an amazing opportunity to own a piece of the phenomenon and we were proud to partner with Lionsgate on the project.”



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