Billy Eichner Goes Off On Guy Who Disses ‘Pretty Woman’ As ‘A Terrible Movie’

If Billy Eichner ever accosts you on the street, you’d better choose your words carefully if he asks about “Pretty Woman”.

That’s what a “bearded dude” (Eichner’s description) finds out when he’s stopped for a “Billy on the Street” bit, and makes an offhanded disparaging remark about the 1990 Julia Roberts blockbuster.

“That’s a terrible movie,” says the man. “It’s a lesson that your daughters can grow up to be a prostitute and it’s all going to be OK.”

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For Eichner, these are fighting words.

“Excuse me,” he interrupts. “So now you’re slut-shaming prostitutes? Some people have no choice. That one was lucky to have met Richard Gere!”

To make his point, Eichner calls out “Ghostbusters”: “So you’re OK with someone busting a fictional ghost, but you’re not OK with a woman that’s forced into prostitution because of whatever condition her life was in at the time?”

Let it never be said that Eichner is not persuasive. “Well, now I’ve got to go watch that movie again,” says the guy, apparently swayed by Eichner’s passionate argument. Watch:



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