Usain Bolt Drops Insane Bars On ‘Drop The Mic’ Versus James Corden

The fastest man in the world has some quick wit too, crushing James Corden in a rap battle on “The Late Late Show”.

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The always-musical Corden brought the fire early in round one of “Drop the Mic”, calling out Bolt: “After all those races you won in Brazil, you’re about to lose to a man standing still,” he said. “Athletes aren’t great at math so I hope this helps: You have 14 gold medals less than Michael Phelps.”

Like a “Bolt” of lightning, the Jamaican Olympian electrified the crowd with his own words: “You think you’re a star, but little do you know, most people in here think they’re watching the Kevin James show.”

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Leading up to the final blow, a bar so heavy it left Corden’s jaw on the floor, Bolt added, “I run my race in 10 seconds – you last that long in bed.”



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