Cynthia Nixon On Her ‘SATC’ Days: ‘We Had To Be Thin And Look Great All The Time’

Former “Sex And The City” star Cynthia Nixon is opening up about the pressure she felt to look perfect while filming the hit HBO show.

Nixon, who played lawyer Miranda Hobbes in the iconic TV series, sat down alongside Kristen Bell, Tracee Ellis Ross and Michelle Monaghan to discuss an array of issues affecting women in television as part of a new video for Net-a-Porter’s The Edit.

While praising Lena Dunham’s series “Girls” for showing the “real” side to life, the 50-year-old star admitted that all “SATC” stars felt the need to “be thin and look great all the time.”

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She added, “when sex is bad on ‘Girls’, it can be really hard to watch, and it’s sometimes abusive, and it’s important to show that ‘Girls’, they have permission to be more real and less airbrushed.”

Nixon, who was a mother of two young children while filming the show, went on to note that the series had a tremendous influence on the way she perceived herself. “[While filming] ‘Sex And The City’, in terms of everything, but especially in how it made me view myself and how other people viewed me… I’d always worked happily without focusing much on the way I looked, so it was like a whole undiscovered country.”



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