Lady Gaga says she’s thrilled to see Selena Gomez back in the spotlight after taking time off to focus on her mental health, a decision the “Joanne” singer describes as “very brave.”

Speaking to Australia’s “Kyle and Jackie O” radio show, reports the Daily Mail, Gaga gushed about Gomez’s speech at the recent American Music Awards in which she publicly addressed her recent stint in rehab to deal with depression, with Gomez telling the audience that “I had to stop, because I had everything and I was absolutely broken inside.”

“I found it very brave of her to stand up and speak about [depression],” said Gaga. “I know her and I had a kindred excitement for her at that moment.”

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Added Gaga: “You don’t always have to keep up a good face and a good front in order to succeed. What’s most important is that on the inside you’re OK because it’s your heart that matters.”

Following Sunday’s awards show, Gaga posted this sweet photo of herself and Gomez sharing a hug backstage, writing: “So dope I got to hang with with the biggest rockstar of the night. (Ya know besides Sting and Green Day) …the girl with the biggest prize of all a BIG Heart that she shares with the world.”