Ever since last year’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, fans have been pitching theories about the parentage of orphaned Rey (Daisy Ridley), with theories ranging from the belief that she’s Luke Skywalker’s long-lost daughter to another that she’s the secret sibling of Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) or even a descendent of the Kenobi family.

A new theory that originated on Reddit, however, is now taking the Internet by storm: could Rey actually be royalty?

That’s the theory put forward by a Reddit user who goes by the handle The_Playboy, who writes: “The royalties played always large part in the ‘Star Wars’ universe. In the prequel era there were thousands of star systems with monarchic government. Before the Galactic Empire, many planets (for example Naboo, Mandalor, Lasan) were ruled by royal families.”

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The Reddit user adds: “I think Rey is from a royal family, from a planet unknown to the audience. The First Order invaded Rey’s homeworld, and wiped them out. Maybe a group of loyal guards escaped with the young Rey, and left her on Jakku for her own safety.”

Hopefully more will be revealed next month in “Star Wars: Rogue One”, with the prequel having already spawned a Rey-related conspiracy theory that Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) is actually Rey’s mother (although Ridley has already denied it).

We’ll find out more when “Rogue One” hits theatres on Dec. 16.