Source Claims Kanye West Still ‘Very Paranoid’, Under ‘Constant Watch’ Over Fears For His Safety

Reports of Kanye West’s mental state have been all over the place since the “Stronger” rapper was checked into a hospital last week, but a troubling new report from People indicates his problems may be far worse than anyone realized.

A source tells People that West has had “big ups and downs, but this bout seems to be much more serious. In the hospital he has been very paranoid and is under constant watch for his safety.”

Adds the insider: “He’s still there because clearly he’s not doing well.”

The 39-year-old rapper/fashion designer was taken to hospital soon after he abruptly cancelled all remaining dates on his “Saint Pablo” tour, and his remained hospitalized ever since.

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According to the source, his wife Kim Kardashian “acts very concerned. She says he has yet to be diagnosed, but she uses words like paranoia and explained that Kanye thinks everyone is out to get him. The only person Kanye trusts is Kim.”

In fact, adds the source, “Kim does spend hours with Kanye every day. She says that Kanye is on many different medications and that his doctors are figuring out proper doses. Kim says that not much has changed since he was admitted and that his doctors seem concerned.”

As for the state of West’s mental health, the source will only say that information is “very private,” and “between him and his family.”



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