After a week-long silence following the season finale of “The Bachelorette Canada“, #BachelorNation can finally breathe: Jasmine Lorimer confirms all is well with fiance Kevin Wendt.

“I know how it looked, and the truth is that I did choose Kevin for a reason,” she tells ET Canada exclusively. “I love Kevin, and there’s a reason that him and I are together.”

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In a sit-down interview with Roz Weston, the couple admitted their relationship has had its ups and downs, but that their silence was just a much-needed chance to connect with one another – without the cameras. “We had never had the chance to just be, him and I, without that emotional factor of, ‘there’s my ex-boyfriend,'” Lorimer says.

Photo: AOC Photography
Photo: AOC Photography

Fans speculated there may be trouble in paradise after the couple abruptly cancelled all press engagements following the finale. During the “After The Final Rose” taping, Lorimer admitted she still had feelings for runner-up Mikhel Sickand, and a source at the taping told ET Canada there was tension between the couple’s families – including a “verbal fight” between their moms.

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The couple add that “of course” they’re happy for Sickand, who told Toronto’s KISS 92.5 he’s begun a new relationship.

Despite the drama, Lorimer and Wendt are excited for their future together, though they aren’t rushing to the altar. “We could be engaged for a long time,” Wendt says. “I’m gonna go visit her next month. We’re gonna just take it from there.”

“This last week has been the best week of our relationship, because we’ve taken the pressure off of ourselves and off of each other and we’ve just had a really normal relationship,” Lorimer adds.

For more on why the couple stepped away from the spotlight after the finale, watch the video below.