Alleged Victim Of Anthony Michael Hall Breaks His Silence: ‘It’s A Scary Thing Living Next To This Guy’

Following reports that actor Anthony Michael Hall was arrested and charged with felony battery after allegedly assaulting a neighbour, the neighbour in question, Richard Samson, is speaking out about the incident, and what it’s been like living in the same condo complex as the reportedly volatile former child star.

In an interview with People, Samson says he’s still recovering from injuries inflicted by Hall during the scuffle, which occurred on Sept. 13 after Samson exited his condo to investigate after hearing yelling outside.

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“[Hall] got into a tussle with someone else in the complex,” says Samson. “I heard yelling out my front door and walked out to see what was going on. I told him, ‘You need to calm down.’ Within two seconds, he was in my face and said some very unpleasant things to me. He then shoved me and I fell to the ground.”

Samson claims to have broken his wrist during the altercation, and wore a cast for two months; he’s now in physical therapy. “As soon as I fell on my wrist, I heard and felt it break,” he says, adding that he has not seen Hall nor had any contact with him since the incident, but hopes to run into him so he can serve him with a restraining order.

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This isn’t the only problem that Hall has had with his neighbours; back in 2011, he was booked on a misdemeanour charge of disturbing the peace after a different altercation with different neighbours.

“I am not the only one in the complex who has had interactions with him,” says Samson. “The police have been here before because of him. It’s a scary thing living next to this guy.”



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