Jennifer Aniston ‘Would Be Psyched’ To Play A Superhero — But Only ‘A Really Uncoordinated’ One

Would Jennifer Aniston be willing to put on a cape and play a costumed crimefighter in a comic book-derived movie?

That’s what her pal Chelsea Handler wants to know when the former “Friends” star drops by her Netflix talk show this week, and Aniston reveals that she’d actually love to play a superhero — it’s just that nobody has asked her yet.

Of course, in this preview from her upcoming appearance, Aniston explains that she has some conditions relating to the type of superhero she’d be willing to portray.

“I would be psyched!” Aniston tells Handler of playing a superhero. “But I would want to be the really uncoordinated superhero, because I just — I couldn’t take myself seriously leaping out of somewhere in a full leather something.”

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After a brief pause to consider what she’d just said, Aniston adds: “I don’t know what I just described. Maybe that was Halle Berry … [she] could do this for the rest of her life.”

In the clip, Handler also asks Handler why she hasn’t tried to develop a TV project, since everybody knows that most of the great roles — especially for women — are on the small screen these days.

Agreeing that “television is where it’s at,” Aniston says: “I really do believe the shows are more interesting, there’s more opportunity for women. Unless they want you as a superhero, which — that just hasn’t come into my email box or whatever.”

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