Emily Ratajkowski Slams Book Of Nude Photos Taken Before She Was Famous: ‘A Violation’

Emily Ratajkowski came to fame thanks to her enthusiastic dancing while stark naked in Robin Thicke’s NSFW “Blurred Lines” video, so naturally the model/actress would have no problem with a photographer releasing a book of nude photos for which she posed years earlier, right?

Not even close. In fact, the “Gone Girl” star is furious with photographer Jonathan Leder, who shot her back in 2012 and is publishing the nude and nearly nude photos in a new book, clearly intending to cash in on Ratajkowski’s newfound fame.

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This does not sit well with Ratajkowski, who claims the book is being released without her permission — and over her strong objections.

On Wednesday, Ratajkowski took to Twitter to express her anger, revealing that she’s “been resisting speaking publicly on the recently released photos by Jonathan Leder to avoid giving him publicity. But I’ve had enough.”

In a series of subsequent tweets, Ratajkowski describes “the book and the images within them” as “a violation,” adding: “These photos being used w/out my permission is an example of exactly the opposite of what I stand for: women choosing when and how they want to share their sexuality and bodies.”

Leder has yet to comment publicly about Ratajkowski’s displeasure over the book.

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