Ariana Grande Calls Frankie ‘So Shady’ On ‘Big Brother’

Ain’t nothing wrong with being a little shady for reality TV.

Ariana Grande opens up about her real-life big brother’s Big Brother experience, telling Entertainment Tonight“s Rocsi Diaz that she is in full support of Frankie’s decision to reveal his family connection on the show.

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“In the beginning, his game was so shady!”; she said. “That’s why when he came clean about his personality and who he actually is, I was fully behind it. I was in full support.”; But for the haters who say that Frankie is using his sister to gain an edge in the competition — and to avoid eviction — Ariana begs to differ.

“The first thing he told them was actually that he was a YouTube personality and that he was a social media personality, which he is. And then he also mentioned that his sister is me, and that’s fine because that’s the truth,”; she told Diaz. “I don’t think he used it in a way that was offensive to me or my family. I think he came clean and told the truth about who he is and saved his game. I think that’s great.”;

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Ariana thinks that Frankie is less “distracted”; now that his truth is out in the open.

“I feel like it was putting him in a weird place mentally and in a weird space, and sort of messed up his game a little bit in the beginning,”; she speculated. “I think he’s doing OK now.”;

Ariana may not be able to talk to her brother while he’s in the heat of competition, but she’s still keeping tabs on him.

“The live feed is on 24/7 at my house!”; she confessed. “Every computer screen, every TV has the live feed on. I’m like “Where is he? What is he doing right now?'”;

For more from Ariana, don’t miss Wednesday’s episode of ET.

The pop songstress will open the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 24, with “Bang Bang”; alongside Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. Her sophomore album, My Everything, hits shelves the following day.

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