Kylie Jenner Gets In Twitter Feud With Career Guidance App Over ‘Fake As F***’ Tweet

We’ve seen Kardashians engage in social media feuds before, but Kylie Jenner is having one right now — with an app that offers career guidance.

The trouble started when Good & Co — a smartphone app for job-seekers that promises to “unlock your potential” — tweeted Jenner what appeared to be her earlier tweet referencing the app, asking if she’d downloaded it yet.

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This did not go over well with the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star, who fired back by explaining this is “a fake ass tweet to get some publicity.”

She followed that up with a more strident — and decidedly more NSFW — tweet, blasting the app as “fake as f***” and “unprofessional, “asking to “stop it.”

At time of writing, apparently a ceasefire had been called, with no more tweets issued by Jenner; time will tell whether the skirmish resumes.




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