‘Autopsy’ TV Special Looks At Cory Monteith’s Final Days Before 2013 Overdose

The TV series “Autopsy” delves into the final days of celebrities who passed away in an untimely fashion, with past episodes focusing on such late stars as “SNL” alum Chris Farley, but a new “Autopsy” special hits close to home for fans of “Glee” by examining the details behind the fatal overdose of star Cory Monteith, whose pharmaceutical misadventures left him dead in a Vancouver hotel room in 2013.

In this clip from the “Autopsy” special, the Canadian actor’s death is revisited, featuring actual footage of Monteith as well as dramatic re-enactments with actors.

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In one scene from the special (not shown in the clip), an actor portraying Monteith is depcited meeting with “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy (also portrayed by an actor), who is seriously concerned about his suspicions that his star has fallen off the wagon.

“It’s not only his drinking that Murphy is concerned about — it’s his suspicion that Cory is taking drugs,” a voiceover intones during the scene. “To Cory’s dismay, Murphy tells him he’s pulling him off the show, despite there being two episodes left to film.”

“Autopsy: The Last Hours of Cory Monteith” will air Saturday, Dec. 3 on the Reelz channel, which is currently unavailable in Canada.

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