R. Kelly Taken Aback When Grabby Fan Clutches A Handful Of His Junk

Singer R. Kelly got more than the bargained for during a recent performance in Detroit when a fan got a little too up close and personal while the R&B star gyrated suggestively onstage, thrusting his crotch into the audience.

In this video posted by TMZ, Kelly appears to be enjoying the attention of a female fan as she lovingly caresses the area in question until going for a full-on grab, which was apparently hard enough to make the singer jump back in shock — or quite possibly pain.

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As the video demonstrates, however, Kelly is the consummate pro; although he’s taken aback momentarily, he pulls himself together and continues the show.

Meanwhile, the fan should consider herself lucky that it was R. Kelly’s crotch she grabbed and not Justin Bieber’s, or she could have wound up with a fat lip.


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