For most of his career, Daniel Radcliffe has had to wear clothes that would cause high levels of discomfort and embarrassment were they to be worn out in the real world. In Harry Potter, he wore a Hogwarts uniform that included a long, flowing black robe. In Woman in Black, he wore an elaborate Victorian-era suit. In Kill Your Darlings, he wore nerdy 1940s vests and sweaters.

But in The F Word, Radcliffe finally had the opportunity to wear clothes that would not look out of place in 2014. As Radcliffe explained to ET Canada’s Roz Weston, this was one of the reasons why he was attracted to the project.

“It was nice to just play someone normal wearing normal clothes,”; he said. “I could just sort of allow probably a lot more of my own personality to come through. That’s probably how I gravitated to the character in the first place.”;

Not only did Radcliffe get to avoid wearing period clothes, he also got to avoid some of the other unpleasant aspects of his earlier movies, like getting drenched in blood. “It was a lovely experience doing a film where I don’t have to break down or get covered in blood or do anything like that,”; he said. “It was nice. I just had to go to set and make Zoe Kazan laugh everyday…or try to.”;

For Roz Weston’s full interview with Radcliffe, tune in to ET Canada tonight.