Leonardo DiCaprio Visits Alberta Oilsands

Before he heads out to British Columbia to film The Revenant in September, Leonardo DiCaprio has stopped by Fort McMurray in order to tour the Alberta oilsands, the CBC is reporting.

The Wolf of Wall Street star recently lent his voice to the online environmental documentary Carbon, and it is believed that his visit to Fort McMurray is in conjunction with another environmental documentary.

Other celebrities who have toured the Alberta oilsands include Neil Young, James Cameron, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. None had positive things to say about the experience: Young famously called the oilsands “the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen”; while Cameron described them as “Canada’s black eye”; and Tutu simply referred to them “filth.”;

Given DiCaprio’s environmentalist credentials (in addition to the environmental charity he started in 1998, the actor also serves on the board of the World Wildlife Fund and Natural Resources Defence Council), it’s unlikely that he’ll return from the tour espousing the virtues of the oil industry.

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