Video: Sir Patrick Stewart Takes On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In Style

Leave it to Sir Patrick Stewart to put a whole new spin on the ALS ice bucket challenge.

When it came to recording his version of the popular charity video, Stewart strayed from the repetitive format and injected some refinement into the viral campaign.

Filmed in what appears to be a plush hotel room, he is first seen writing out a cheque of an undisclosed amount before setting it aside.

Viewers anticipating the ice bucket drop are gravely disappointed as Stewart never succumbs to the essential act. Instead, the actor meticulously places two large ice cubes into a glass and proceeds to pour himself a classic whiskey on the rocks.

Stewart completes the entire routine without speaking a single word to the camera, drawing a sharp contrast to the heaps of celebrities who have recorded themselves squealing on social media.

Well done, Sir.

The ALS ice bucket challenge has raised over $50 million since the start of the campaign.

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