ET Canada’s Sangita Patel was on the set of “Transformers: The Last Knight” when star Mark Wahlberg revealed what kind of car he drives.

“I have a mini-van. I have a cool minivan,” he says, adding that he’s most likely to turn his ride into one of the Transformers’ Autobots.

Wahlberg tries his hardest to convince Sangita that driving a minivan is cool, but she isn’t buying it. “How is a minivan cool?” she asks, stunned that the “Transformers” star trades in his cool on-screen ride for a dad-mobile. “It’s got tinted windows, it’s all blacked out, it’s got a satellite TV. Very low-key,” he adds. “Four kids. You gotta embrace it,” he says.

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Wahlberg is back with the franchise for the second time with the story that picks up where 2014’s “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” left off, with the actor’s on-screen daughter Tessa in jeopardy.

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“In order to keep her safe, I must go on the run.  It’s kind of either her or me,” he teases. Wahlberg also says that fans can expect the film to be a change of pace from its predecessors. “It’s a much different movie. It’s much more of an adventure story this time around,” he says, adding that one familiar face will be back.

After being noticeably absent from the last film, Josh Duhamel is back in action for “Transformers: The Last Knight”. “I actually was the first one that told him he would be coming back,” Wahlberg says. “I don’t think he believed me.”

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