During his concert on Tuesday night, Keith Urban brought a random fan up on stage to sing with him. Her name was Amy Jennifer (her middle name is Jennifer, too) and the two had a hilarious back and forth before she blew the audience away with her song.

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“Do you bring a guitar to every concert?” Urban asks. “No, just yours,” Jennifer says, while the two sparred. Urban asks her to sing an original song that she had prepared, giving her a microphone and a stool.

After Urban fixed the microphone for her, she exclaims, “Thank you, Jesus.” Before the song, called “Closing That Door,” she admitted she always dreamt that this would happen but couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

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Urban even set up her guitar for her – muttering to the audience, “What am I now, a bloody guitar tech?,” before she blew him and the audience away with her voice.