Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Hurl Insults At Each Other During Hilarious Live Radio Game

“Passengers” co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt take turns hurling insults at one another during a live radio show appearance, but all in good fun.

The pair jokes with each other as they face-off in the Playground Insults Game, throwing some serious shade in an attempt to make the other laugh first.

“Before our sex scene… I took two Pepto-Bismol,” Lawrence giggles during their appearance on BBC Radio 1 on Monday.

Pratt hits back with a bit of x-rated humour, saying, “During our sex scene… I felt your d*** rubbing in to me!”

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“You are so old, that your publicist is a registered nurse,” Lawrence retorts, stifling her laughter.

“I recently told you that you act like Adele sings… I hate Adele!,” Pratt lobs at Lawrence.

The funny duo kicked off their promo tour for their new thriller “Passengers”, in which Lawrence and Pratt star as two people aboard a spaceship who are accidentally awakened from hibernation 90 years before the ship reaches a distant space colony. The movie opens in theatres on Wednesday, Dec. 21.



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