Jim Parsons: ‘America’s Favorite Nerd’ On ‘Big Bang’ Contract Negotiations And Why He Never Gets Bored Playing Sheldon

Jim Parsons has won four Emmys for playing socially awkward genius Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, but stalled contract negotiations almost put the kibosh on the upcoming season.

Happily for everyone, the 41-year-old actor and cast-mates Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting signed a multi-year deal that will earn them each $1 million per episode, and Jim opens up about those negotiations in a new interview with Adweek.


There’s no joy in going, “OK, we’re not starting.’ That was not fun,”; Jim admits to Adweek. “We enjoy doing this show. By the same token, I didn’t have my head buried in the sand. I’d heard of these things being done before… It was very clear on the part of everyone who works on the show, from the actors to the production crew, that everybody wanted to do it. There was no negativity as far as anyone saying, “I’m done with this anyway, so whatever.’ “

He also discusses his experience on Broadway (and, subsequently, on HBO) in Larry Kramer’s acclaimed play The Normal Heart, but reveals that after taking on other roles he’s always happy to return to Sheldon. “I never get bored playing Sheldon,”; he says. “I mean, from the moment I read the pilot, that’s what it was that was so attractive to me. I couldn’t tell you a good, bad or ugly pilot just from reading it, but I can tell you a character I want to play. I did feel that with him from the beginning… God knows why. It probably does say something very odd about me psychologically. “That guy? Really?’ I liked the way he talked, and I still do.”;

You can read more of Jim Parsons’ interview in the latest issue of Adweek.



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