‘Survivor’ Announces ‘Game Changers’ As Season 34 Theme, To Feature Returning All-Stars

On Wednesday, fans watched Adam Klein take the million-dollar prize as winner of the 33rd season of “Survivor”, and also saw host Jeff Probst reveal the first details of season 34, to be subtitled: “Game Changers — Mamanuca Islands”.

The “Game Changers” season, Probst explained, will feature an all-star cast of former castaways, including winners and non-winners who share a key similarity: all made big moves, for better or worse, during their seasons.

Among the former “Survivor” players who’ll be heading back into the jungle are Tony Vlachos, Tai Trang, Michaela Bradshaw, Caleb Reynolds, Ciera Eastin, Ozzy Luzth, Cirie Fields and Sandra Diaz-Twine, the only person in the history of “Survivor” to win the game twice.

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“When we do a season called ‘Game Changers’ and invite 20 people to come back and play, we expected everybody to be slugging it out,” Probst told Entertainment Weekly.

“What we didn’t anticipate is that, because everybody’s a Game Changer, it neutered everybody initially, and everybody was playing from fear that they were going to be the one taken out, and it really made the game unpredictable in an uneasy way,” he added. “There is an uneasiness in the beginning of in terms of, who’s going to get it? Who’s going to be the first one to die? And then the game finds a rhythm and becomes really interesting on a whole different level.”

The 34th season, “Survivor: Game Changers” will premiere on on Wednesday, Mar. 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global. Need to catch up on season 33? You can watch full episodes online.

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