Among the many perks of being one of Nashville’s biggest recording artists, as well as the star of TV’s top singing competition, is having the financial resources to buy yourself cool stuff that most people can only dream about — like, say, a helicopter.

Welcome to Blake Shelton’s world, which the star of “The Voice” discussed during his Thursday night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, revealing that having a helicopter takes the agony out of commuting.

“My girlfriend lives here, so that makes it a lot more appealing,” he told Kimmel. “The fact remains that the house is, I don’t know, about two miles from here and it took, I don’t know, about three hours to get here, so that sucks for anybody.”

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This made host Jimmy Kimmel curious, asking if Shelton takes his girlfriend — No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani — on romantic “Bachelor”-style helicopter dates.

“We do, we do,” he revealed. “We actually, we use that thing a lot. It gets a lot more use than you would think.”

Shelton, however, doesn’t pilot the chopper, for a very simple and very responsible reason. “In order to be able to settle in and really be, you know, enjoying it you gotta have some drinks,” Shelton quipped. “And you shouldn’t be flying… everybody knows you shouldn’t be drinking and flying.”