Real estate heir Robert Durst, who was the subject of the “The Jinx,” told prosecutors he was on methamphetamines during taping of the HBO miniseries, according to court documents released Friday.

The documentary series looked at two murders and a presumed murder which involved women from Durst’s life.

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In the final episode, Durst is caught on the mike during a bathroom break muttering, “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

The transcript, which was obtained by the Los Angeles Times, was of an interview which took place a few days after the series concluded.

Durst told prosecutors, “I was on meth, I was on meth the whole time … it should have been obvious.”

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L.A. County Deputy District Attorney John Lewin told Durst it was “mind-boggling” that he had not attempted to flee the U.S. before the documentary aired.

Durst said it was inertia that kept him from running.

“I just didn’t really, really, really think that I was gonna end up arrested,” he added.

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