Prince Harry’s Emotional Reunion With Orphan He First Met 12 Years Ago Will Warm Your Heart

A new documentary about Prince Harry’s charity work will have you shedding some tears.

The ITV special documents the Royal’s return to Lesotho back in November of 2015, where he reunited with an orphan named Relebohile “Mutsu” Potsane, who first touched Prince Harry 12 years ago as he ventured to South Africa during his gap year.

Mutsu and the Royal have since kept in touch over the years through letters, and in June met up once more when the 16-year-old took his first trip to London to perform as part of a choir sponsored by Prince Harry’s charity at Kensington Palace.

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Footage from the television event captures Prince Harry embracing Mutsu as he lifted the teen off the ground for an emotional reunion.


The new documentary sheds light on the 32-year-old’s charity work with Sentebale, the charity he co-founded in an effort to improve the lives of those affected by HIV and AIDS in the country.

“I think anybody that I’ve spoken to who has been to Africa, most of the people get it, and Africa gets them,” he explained. “For me personally, it’s an escape. And now not only have I found that escape, but I’ve found a way to try and use the name and the position for good.”

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He continued, encouraging everyone to take action, no matter how small of an action. “If you’re me, if you’re your Average Joe, if whoever you are, if you can’t affect politics and change the big things in the world then just do whatever you can do — whether it’s in your local community, your village, your local church — walking down the street, opening a door for an old lady, helping them cross the road. Whatever if it is, just do good. Why wouldn’t you?”

“The good stories are what make people tick every day, surely?” he added before offering a cheeky remark. “It’s fun to be good and it’s boring to be bad, but you can be naughty as well.”

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