While in Toronto promoting her dramedy Men, Women & Children at TIFF, Jennifer Garner took a moment to sit down with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey. And given the film’s title and subject matter, it wasn’t long before the topic of parenting came up. Specifically, Jennifer’s personal take on it.

“Not for a long time,”; Jennifer says, when asked when she’ll allow her kids to own a cell phone. “They don’t need it. Until I really feel the need, that’s where I’m strict. But I don’t know — I still have an eight year old, so I just know that I’m a long way from feeling like that’s something we need in our lives.”;

Jennifer’s policy extends beyond phones as well. “I don’t let my kids on a computer without me right there,”; the actress explains. “You have to be on top of it because it would take so little for them to see something that could be an image that sticks in their head they don’t want to see. But… I’m 5 minutes from my child being at a friends house and having access to a computer that I can’t control. So it’s about having the conversations… I don’t know.. I’m figuring it out. I am not an expert in this… at all… whatsoever, but its seems to me, in the way I’m approaching it, is that its about just talking often and early.”;

That said, Jennifer and her husband — actor/director Ben Affleck — do try to practice what they preach. “We police each other, we police ourselves,”; she tells Cheryl, when asked whether they curb their own phone and Internet use. “We just try to have guidelines and say “okay, we gotta… we have to… put it down, and lets figure that out together, and we’re on the same page about it.”;