Michael Gandolfini is at TIFF 2014 for the premiere of his late father’s new movie, The Drop.

The film, which explores organized crime’s use of local New York City bars as money-laundering “drops,’ is James Gandolfini’s last.

Speaking with ET Canada, Michael admits the festival experience surrounding The Drop is “bittersweet,”; explaining it’s “the last time seeming him on that screen.”;

That said, the 14-year-old notes, “It’s pretty amazing to see him in front of that camera.”;

Michael, who’s attending the festival with his mother, Mary Wudarski, also shares some heartwarming details about his father James, who passed away in June 2013. “He wanted to be a dad, not an actor,”; he says. “He wanted to be my dad, which he was. He took me away, he brought me camping, he brought me on trips. We came to Quebec one time: we went to the ice hotel. We did fun things together.”;

And if that’s not enough to make you miss the Sopranos star all over again, Michael goes on to share the one thing many people didn’t know about his father. “How funny he was,”; the teenager says. “Even if it was a dark situation, really hard, I’m upset or something, he would always make you laugh, no matter what. Always come up with a joke.”;

The Drop hits theatres on September 12.