Local news interviews can sometimes go hilariously awry, as proven in this YouTube compilation video of some of 2016’s funniest, most unpredictable interviews that cause reporters to crack up at what they’re witnessing, while viewers may want to rewind when wondering, “Did that person just say what I think I heard?”

There’s plenty to laugh at in this year-end compilation, from a woman’s exceptionally animated retelling of how she escaped a fire to a math-challenged dude griping about street parking that’s supposed to cost a dollar an hour but actually costs 25 cents for 15 minutes (it takes him a moment) to 110-year-old Flossie Dickey, who, when asked if she’s excited about her upcoming birthday party, responds with a deadpan, “Not one bit.”

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Also included are a “pint-sized” surfer who discusses her father, a former athlete who she reveals is “now pretty fat” from chowing down on “two litres of ice cream every single night.”

Live television doesn’t get any wackier!

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