‘Shooter’ Star Ryan Phillippe Details Past Depression

Things are looking up for actor Ryan Phillippe after the success of his new series “Shooter”, but things weren’t always so cheery for the 42-year-old actor. Despite plenty of Hollywood success in his early years, Phillippe struggled with serious depression.

“I’m a lot more at peace than I was when I was younger,” he told People. “I struggled much more with depression when I was in my 20s and 30s. I think the amount of reading that I’ve done, the work on myself and the ways that I’ve found to cope are healthier than when I was younger.”

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His coping mechanisms are admittedly a loose system, but one that works for him nonetheless. “I don’t know what that specifically amounts to other than being more careful and considerate about why you make the choices you do or where the feelings you have come from… And then ultimately just breathe.”

Phillippe is father to three beautiful children — two with his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon and one with ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp. He said family is his rock. “I am happy. It hasn’t always been like that, so I’m hoping to keep it going. And I think from, there too, giving back and sharing whatever I can [is important].”

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And like many who step through the fires of depression and make it out the other side, the “Shooter” star had advice to give. “When you go through dark periods in life or if you’re a person who has struggled with depression as I have throughout my life, to know that that can decrease and that it doesn’t have to be your defining characteristic, that you can find ways to manage and cope and feel better — that’s what I’m referring too.”

“There is a sensitivity that will never change and an empathy that will never change but how you deal with those feelings and where you let them take you, that’s an individualistic journey for anyone who struggles.”



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