LaTavia Roberson Reveals Being Dropped From Destiny’s Child Led Her To Depression

Former Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson was kicked out of the group in 2000. Now the singer is revealing all in her memoir, “I Am LaTavia” due in the spring of 2017.

“There are a lot of things that I’ve gone through – molestation, dealing with alcoholism and drugs,” Roberson tells People.

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The one topic that is a major part of the book is her time as a member of Destiny’s Child. An original member of the group, Roberson and the girls found immediate success. But it all changed in 2000 when she was let go from the group.

She wants to make one thing clear: She never left the group, she was let go. “Who would leave Destiny’s Child? That’s crazy! I was dismissed from the group,” Roberson revealed. “It was very difficult because of the way that I found out about it. I hate even talking about it, and it’s been 20 years — but it is what it is. We saw the ‘Say My Name’ video on TV, and that’s how I found out I was no longer in the group.”

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“It was very difficult. I’m pretty sure that it was difficult for all of us — because we were young,” the singer admitted. “My issue was always with the management; it was never with the girls.”

She goes on to reveal that the incident was like a bad divorce. “You’re no longer with your friends, people that you love so much. So that was hard in itself. And then being by myself at that time, when other aspects starting taking ahold of me. It led me into a depression. And it wasn’t pretty, like at all.”



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