CNN’s Don Lemon Gets ‘Lit’ On Live TV, Downs Tequila, Pierces Ear During New Year’s Coverage

Don Lemon had a lot of fun ringing in 2017 on live TV.

The CNN host kicked off the night by downing shots more than three hours before midnight, as part of the network’s live New Year’s Eve coverage in New Orleans with reporter Brooke Baldwin.

“This is way too early to start this,” Baldwin says in a video posted to Twitter by colleague Anderson Cooper, who was broadcasting live in New York City with co-host Kathy Griffin.

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A drinking competition between the live hosts began taking shape early in the evening.

“I hope you guys are counting how many times he’s doing this,” Baldwin said of Lemon’s frequent tequila shots.

“I’m up to 13,” co-host Griffin replied.

As the shot tally rose, Griffin began encouraging Lemon to get his nipple pierced.  It didn’t take much for Lemon to begin unbuttoning his shirt before Baldwin talked him out of it.

“Can we please not give him shots, by the way?” Baldwin begged bartenders at The Spotted Cat Music Club as Lemon agreed to an ear piercing.

“Don’t get blood on my jacket,” Lemon cautioned as he prepared for the piercing.

He showed his new earring off on Twitter, captioning it, “This happened.”

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Lemon admitted he was “lit” to Baldwin, before confessing he’s a terrible person to date, but may be open to a relationship in 2017.

“Are we going there right now?” Baldwin asked.

Shortly after midnight, CNN appeared to cut Lemon’s mic off, just as the host began to talk about how “awful” 2016 was.

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