After spending most of their lives staying out of the spotlight, Sylvester Stallone’s three daughters are ready to shine at this Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards.

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In this week’s issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Sophia, 20, Sistine, 18, and Scarlet, 14, disclose some of their most treasured memories of their famous father and unveil their excitement securing one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood as the 2017 Miss Golden Globes.

Photo: Austin Hargrave
Photo: Austin Hargrave

Speaking about their earliest memories of their father, best known for his “Rocky” role, Sistine admits, “We were so young and naive – we just thought it was our dad doing something weird. People would attack him and ask for autographs and we’d just think, ‘He’s just our dad. He’s not that cool.’ But now we realize he’s such a prominent figure in Hollywood.”

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The girls joined their father and model mother, Jennifer Flavin, at last year’s Golden Globes, which saw Stallone win Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Creed”.

But this Sunday will mark the first time the trio is entering the limelight, without their famous father by their sides.

Sophia explains to the magazine, “Except for Sistine, we’ve never really been in the public eye. Everyone who has famous parents, they’re always in the public eye. But my mom was very about education, staying grounded, family – we always eat dinner together.” Scarlet adds, “And so this is our moment: the Golden Globes.”