Donald Trump Attacks Arnold Schwarzenegger After Poor ‘Apprentice’ Ratings

Donald Trump’s latest celebrity feud is now with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has taken over from Trump as host of “The New Celebrity Apprentice”.

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With Trump being the current President-elect, remaining on “The New Celebrity Apprentice” as an executive producer, it seems the ratings have taken a hit:

Trump then attacked the host of his show for being a Kasich and Clinton supporter. Schwarzenegger responded with a video of him reciting a quote from Lincoln’s inaugural:

And now Boy George, who is a contestant on “The New Celebrity Apprentice,” has spoken out against Trump and his claim that viewers are not watching in support of the President-elect:

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The show’s ratings for the premiere were down 35 per cent compared to the show’s 2015 premiere with Trump. Schwarzenegger’s catchphrase is “You’re terminated,” (Trump’s, of course, was “You’re fired”). The two have history together outside of the show: Schwarzenegger said he would not be voting for the Republican candidate – Trump at the time – for the first time since joining the party.

Trump’s last season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” averaged 7.6 million viewers. This is compared to “The New Celebrity Apprentice”, which earned 4.9 million viewers.



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