Stephen Colbert Mocks Golden Globes Goof With ‘Hidden Fences’ Trailer

The Twitterverse went nuts when Jenna Bush Hager accidentally referred to acclaimed drama “Hidden Figures” as “Hidden Fences” (combining that film with another movie featuring an African-American cast, “Fences”) on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, which was followed by Michael Keaton making the exact same mistake onstage.

On Monday’s “Late Show”, Stephen Colbert mocked the gaffe with a faux trailer for “Hidden Fences”, described as “the movie white people at the Golden Globes were talking about.”

In the trailer, “Fences” star Denzel Washington attemts to explain to a fence — which wearing a space helmet — that fences don’t go to outer space, while Kevin Costner of “Hidden Figures” tells his staff at NASA “that we’re taking a fence and shooting it into space and that’s never been done before.”

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A somber voiceover says: “Based on a true story of people who think all movies about black people are the same movie. Starring: black actors, black actresses, Kevin Costner, and introducing: A Fence. If movies starring black people confuse you, then this is the film you’ve got to see.”



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